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The Most Common Remedies for Herpes

When defining herpes, you will get to see that it is a viral infection, caused by herpes simplex virus and can affect both men and women. It is an itchy and painful infection that manifests itself as small red liquid filled blisters, mostly on the mouth, lips, region near the eyes as well as the genitals. This article gives you the best compilation of the remedies of herpes that you can have while at home.

The first most effective method of healing herpes is olive oil as it contains some moisture as well as antioxidants. With olive oil, you just need to take it, put it heat and mix with a little bit of leaves and apply on the infected areas after cooling.

Echinacea is also an effective compound that you can use to heal the herpes or rather to reduce the action of the virus on the body. With Echinacea, you have different ways through which you can consume it, whereby you can go for the pills, tea as well as juices.

With icepack, you can also gain pain relief from the herpes whereby you just need to have them crushed while in a bag, then place them on the infected areas. When using icepack, you will be required to be consistent for a while, applying the method at least two times every day.

Another kind of treatment that you can use and is available at home is baking soda whereby you get a cotton ball, dip in baking soda and apply directly to the infected area. It is critical for you to use different cotton balls especially when dipping in the baking soda; it prevents the instances of contamination.

Given that the lemons have citric acid high levels, you can use them to treat the herpes infection thus eradicating the painful and itchy blisters. When using the lemon balm, it is important for you to give it time for steeping before you apply it on the areas that are affected as well as drinking.

With black tea having tannin, you will find that it can be used to treat herpes. You can only use the tea bags while they are cool on the affected areas.

Finally, before you begin using these procedures, it is critical for you to contact the doctor for advice and the precautions. When you are equipped with such information, you are able to reduce the action of the herpes simplex virus on your body.

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